Advice For Aspiring Rappers

Making it as a rapper today is harder than ever with all the tough competition out there. It’s a lot more work than just going to buy hip hop beats and recording yourself over it. Making the music is the easy part; it’s what comes after that is difficult. There are thousands upon thousands of other people who want to make it big as a rapper. All that can differentiate you from them is how much exposure you get. You could be the most talented rapper in the world and it wouldn’t mean a thing if nobody has ever heard of you.

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After you buy hip hop beats and create your track, you need to start promoting yourself. Do this on all the platforms available. YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, InstagramÂ… you name it. You have to get your music on every platform possible to ensure that people can find it easily. If you could get a notable figure on any one of these platforms to give your music a shout out, you’ll be growing fast. It may take a while for you to gain traction, but if you keep on working at it and making sure you’re doing all you can to get your music out there you’ll slowly start building a following.

You’re going to need a lot of drive and passion to see this through. It won’t be easy and you’ll most likely be facing a lot of criticism and disappointment, but if it’s truly your passion you’ll be able to see it through until you reach success. Don’t let a small measure of success make you arrogant though, popularity and relevance can disappear within a day. You’ll always have to keep working on it and putting out new and improved content to stay relevant.